Disaster Recovery, Migration, & Backup Services

Disaster recovery, data migration, & backup solutions – US based customer support.

Disaster Recovery

Amid the many responsibilities and creative challenges of data management, you’ve got some perils to consider. Hopefully, you’ll never have to cope with a hacker attack or theft, or a natural disaster. Still, you’d be wise to build a plan on the assumption that these threats are almost a given. And you know what? With a great strategy in place, you won’t have to dwell on the negatives for long. ZebraDR is one the most knowledgeable Backup, Migration, and Disaster Recovery specialists providing both a solution and server appliances specifically designed for backup traffic.

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Migration is a constant activity in the world of IT. Managers are confronted with hardware upgrades, Operating Systems become outdated, Companies are Acquired, Merged, upsized, downsized. Management may want to switch data centers, move to the public cloud or from one public cloud to another or maintain hybrid configurations. Whatever the reason ZebraDR has the experience and the tools to ensure that your Migration Project is completed safely, securely, with the least possible amount of downtime and within budget.

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Backing up your data is important, yet many customers and even businesses neglect to backup their important or business critical files properly. ZebraDR has been providing managed backup services for years and we have many solutions available to suit your needs.

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Geographically Distributed Network of Data Centers

24/7 secure, on-site monitoring

All ZebraDR data center locations are secured against physical invasion and server room access is only permitted to certified employees.

Scalability to fit your needs

We can provide fast, scalable solutions as you grow. Talk to us about what you need now and what you’ll anticipate in the future. Don’t worry, we can handle it.

Global presence

With data centers in North America, Asia, and Europe, ZebraDR can find the most efficient and cost-effective solution for your needs. This allows us to be flexible move data at a much faster rate.

High performance rack solutions

High performance servers with better bandwidth and power – tailored for your needs. Completely managed with ZebraDR support.

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